My 2011 effort to become a better photographer in 52 assignments.

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Klaas 01: Vision statement

I did not have to think that long. Here is my statement;

I want to shift my focus from technique to creativity and start making visual memories for real people.

The reason I choose this vision is that I have a ton of gear and gadgets but do too much of technical fooling around without getting to the creative side of photography. This is the picture that I think shows my creativity or at least the start of it.


01:Vision Statement

January 3, 2011
What do you want to do photographically? Tell us with a single paragraph what you want to be able to do with your images. Tell us what you do without telling us you are a photographer. Accompany that message with a single image taken around your home. Inside or out, make a photograph that adds insight into the mission statement you will be writing.

Don’t get overly flowery, just write down what you want to do.

End date Jan 17th