My 2011 effort to become a better photographer in 52 assignments.

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03:Still life for an editorial article

Assignment Number Three: Still Life
January 17, 2011

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This week we tackle a small still life project. Assignment Three / Simple Small Still Life:

  • – Photograph something small enough to fit in an 8″x8″ area.
  • -Cosmetics, utensils, tools, toys or raw veggies for example.
  • – The image will be reproduced as a square on the cover of a brochure.
  • – The Layout for the brochure is here: Download the PSD file and insert your image in the layer named “Paste Here” – you can move the image around after you have inserted it. Choose the white or black text that works best with your image.
  • – As usual, you will be able to upload to the Flickr site until January 31.
  • – You will upload the full image AND the cover comp. (There will be further instructions on how to do that on the Flickr site.)
  • – You must keep notes on how long it took you to prepare, get items, shoot and post process.