My 2011 effort to become a better photographer in 52 assignments.

About me

This blog is my attempt to become a better photographer. I’m folowing the schedule from Don Giannatti as mentioned on his website starting in 2011

I’m was a CSI investigator and photographer with the Dutch Police (The Netherlands) between 1982 and 1995 after that I became a Information specialist and later on a Microsoft systems engineer. In 2011 I live 10 years in America (Minnesota) and have the Dutch and American nationality.

I’m still loving photography and teach Off Camera Flash at our 1280+ members of the Twin Cities Photography Group (TCPG) I have a website dedicated to Off Camera flash:

The reason I’m doing this project is that I want to become more creative and have something to do after retirement. Maybe it will become my “other” profession?

Do you want to make a good start?
Read this too:

Photo’s will be posted on this blog and on FLIKR. This is the intro from project52

Read more on the project52 website.

Links: The website with the assignments, one assignment per week. The weblog where you can leave comments about the assignment. The Flikr group for your pictures. Use this if you want to become a premium member.

There is a webcast every Wednesday on VOKL, use the assignment page to watch.


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